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Join us today and get the following perks: The best place to find and sell second life batteries – while eBay is banning battery sales, we are specializing in it Free listings Great exposure for your ads A free 30 minute session with a shipping expert to answer your questions about shipping batteries 15% off…
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What will happen to the price of lithium batteries?

Will it go up? Will it go down? Check out our analysis to find out.

New Generation of BMS Finally Hitting the Market

The latest generation of BMS has arrived.

Changes to IATA Lithium Battery Shipping Requirements in 2022

Guest post by Tim from Compliantship When the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) new 63rd edition of its Dangerous Goods Regulations become effective on January 1, 2022, there will be a few (seemingly obligatory) changes to lithium battery shipping requirements. Here are the details and how they may impact your shipping operations: 1) Regulatory Change:…
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DIY Powerwall 4 – Adding capacity do your current system

Last time, we selected cells to set up a new battery. The last few months I received many questions about this topic. How can I safely add capacity to anexisting setup. Recently, I added 10kwh to my existing 20 kwh powerwall. Let me guide you step by step how I managedto do this without error…
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The environmental footprint of re-used batteries

Many of our users are looking to give batteries a second life, that is to recondition and reconfigure them in such a way that they can be used again. But why is this important? We happen to have access to an interesting case study, of a second life battery produce. They had an analysis done…
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DIY Powerwall 3 – discharging and selecting cells

Diffulty level: Intro – Easy – Intermediate – Expert Last time, we built cell chargers. This time, we will build a discharger use the tools we built to select cells. Tools needed: Pliers, solder iron. hardware needed: Copper, ZB206,(or ZB2L3) 18650 holder, male 12V DC and a piece of plywood and glue or small screws.…
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Where can I find a battery recycler near me?

Find out where you can drop off or find battery recycling facilities.

DIY Powerwall 2 – Cell Charger

In this post, we build a bulk cell charger

DIY Powerwall: Cell Types

Difficulty level: Intro – Easy – Intermediate – Expert Cells come in varied form factors. Today we will go over some of the terminology used to describe different cells. Main Formats The first main classification is cylindrical vs prismatic. The obvious distinction here is that one set are the shape of cylinders… Prismatic cells are often subdivided into prismatic…
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DIY Powerwall 1 – Charging Cells

Difficulty level: Intro – Easy – Intermediate – Expert Dear fellow battery enthusiasts, This is a first article of a number of write ups about upcycling batteries, powerpacks, and powerwalls. The fine folks at Battery Market have asked me to make some content to spark your interest in green energy. Let me introduce myself, I’m…
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