Is it Worth Anything? Electric Car Battery Disposal and Recycling

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Is it Worth Anything? Electric Car Battery Disposal and Recycling

Disassembly safety – PPE, working with high voltage (HV)

The ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association) has a fantastic guide to handling electric vehicle batteries safely, and it should be read before any steps are taken to remove or handle a HV battery from a car. 

What to do next

Once you have safely removed a high voltage battery from a vehicle, you are now left with the question of what to do with the battery. Ultimately, you will be left with one of two choices. Either you will have to pay to have the battery disposed of safely, or you will be able to sell the battery for salvage.

Is it worth anything? Determine condition of wrecked vehicle

The cataloging process on Battery Market will walk you through all the steps to assess your battery, and will even provide you with a recommended value in the end once we roll out the full features. At the end of this evaluation, you can opt to list the battery on Battery Market with the bidding conditions of your choice, regardless of whether it is a battery you can sell or one you will have to pay to dispose of. A borderline battery may still end up being cost neutral through Battery Market instead of costing you thanks to our reach to various types of battery acquirers.