New Generation of BMS Finally Hitting the Market

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New Generation of BMS Finally Hitting the Market

Brill Power, a spinoff from Oxford University, is promising to change the way we use BMSs and charge controllers with their cell-level all in one solution. Will it pan out? I’m seriously hoping so. They boast more efficient use of the available power, leading to 129% performance, and a 60% increased lifespan. Here’s their description of the device

Brill Power’s BrillMS B62 Premium Gen 1 is the first of a new generation of battery management systems, designed to bring game-changing improvements in available energy and power, lifetime, safety, reliability, system integration and total cost of ownership for advanced battery systems. Developed at Oxford University, the patented method of optimized cell-level current control ensures that every single battery cell in the system is used to its fullest potential, and no cell can compromise the performance, lifetime or safety of a battery system.

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