Terms of Service

Global marketplace for hybrid, EV and lithium batteries

Definition of User Interaction Types

Battery Market provides a platform for suppliers (those who have batteries or services they wish to list) and takers (those who wish to pay for batteries or wish to be paid for responsibly disposing of a battery). These groups are respectively categorized as battery-suppliers, service-suppliers, buying-takers, and selling-takers. Service-suppliers and selling-takers are generally one and the same, but interact with the bidding system from a different point of view depending on whether they are listing their service with general terms for inbound requests, or approaching a listing to place a bid to offer their service. All users are welcome to interact with the website in any of the fashions above, these are not mutually exclusive.

Core Service for Battery-Suppliers

Battery Market offers Battery-Suppliers a cataloging service which allows them to inventory their batteries. The value of these batteries as an asset or a liability is automatically appraised and a suggested listing strategy and price point is suggested. Users can then choose to list qualifying batteries from their inventory onto the market. In order to qualify, a minimum number of fields must be met to ensure enough information is available for the transaction to take place. In moving a battery from the inventory to a listing, the user must also provide additional information regarding bidding terms (what the user will and will not accept for incoming bids, preferred shipping terms, type of taker targeted, etc.). Listing involves fees according to our fee schedule.

Core Service for Service-Suppliers

Service-Suppliers can list general rates and terms for receiving batteries for responsible disposal of batteries. These listings function more as a service ad, and is a paid service available on a case-by-case basis.

Core Service for Takers

Takers, the buying and selling kind, both have access to the same service. They can browse listings and make offers (either of a positive or negative value) with shipping and disposal terms.

Access to the Platform

Battery Market reserves the right to refuse access to the platform to any moral or legal person. Reasons that may lead to a ban could be, but are not limited to, fraud, misrepresentation of the product, failure to follow through on agreements, abusive chargebacks, improper shipping of dangerous goods.


Battery Market makes no guarantees as so the ability to sell, buy, or complete any transaction. We are simply a facilitator and we are not responsible for the availability of transaction processes. Battery Market is not responsible for shipping arrangements, all shipping information we provide is purely informational. 

Extra Services

Should hands-on assistance be required, a concierge service may be requested for an extra fee that falls outside of core services, but acceptance of the request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on our ability to assist in the given circumstances. At its discretion, Battery Market may offer this extra support for free.

Service Referrals

Battery Market makes no guarantees and takes no responsibility for the services offered by our partners and preferred suppliers. We do our best to curate competent partners, but can’t be held responsible for how they ultimately perform.