Author: Julien Lemay

Global marketplace for hybrid, EV and lithium batteries

Is it Worth Anything? Electric Car Battery Disposal and Recycling

Disassembly safety – PPE, working with high voltage (HV) The ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association) has a fantastic guide to handling electric vehicle batteries safely, and it should be read before any steps are taken to remove or handle a HV battery from a car.  What to do next Once you have safely removed a…
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The Second Life (Second Hand) Market

Lithium battery prices in the second life market are dictated by supply and demand, and for the time being, much of the demand comes from the DIY (do it yourself) community. Another large influence on the price is a lack of transparency in the transactions / lack of understanding of the value of the packs…
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Recycling lithium batteries

Raw Material Recovery When a battery can no longer be used, either it is too degraded, it shows signs of physical damage, or if the format is simply not conducive to being re-used, it is time to send the battery to be recycled. There are different technologies that can recover the metals at different rates…
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Shipping Lithium Batteries

Shipping best practices If you aren’t sure, always check with your local transportation authority. In Canada, getting certified for dangerous goods transportation is a matter of doing an online or in-class training session from one of the many organizations that offer it. In the USA the process is a bit more structured, with a need…
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