Nano Spot Welder

Global marketplace for hybrid, EV and lithium batteries

The Nano is a completely new spot welder designed for batteries, electronics projects, jewelry and more. It has been designed from the ground up to be a inexpensive and completely cordless design for beginners, battery builders on a budget, and Makers on the go.

How Are We Different? Other than being the only device on the market with active cooling, just look at our comparison table below

Our focus was to make a device that is friendly and robust enough that it’s like buying a soldering iron. Turn it on and (wait and) go! The Nano does not require a external power supply, extra car battery, or any other tools. Everything comes in the box, making assembly and usability extremely simple.

By using a small built-in DC-DC power regulator, high quality supercapacitors, and 15x more copper than a standard PCB, our project delivers a small, premium quality, and affordable welder. The device can also use different power sources ranging from the good old USB connection (very slow, but easy), a single 18650 cell (slow) to external power supplies (9v) (fast).

     Our unique form factor means that you get freedom of movement, and air cooled electrodes. As far as we know, these is the only consumer spot welder with cooled electrodes.

This project brings the only consumer device on the market made to weld fuse wire, and provides a better, portable, entry level spot welding solution, capable of welding up to 0.15mm solid nickel.