Nano2 Clamp Attachment

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The Nano2 clamp attachment is intended for welding together sheets of material like nickel strip and battery tabs. It is designed to fit the Nano2 and use its integrated active cooling but could also be used with welders such as the Malectrics or Kweld with a simple adapter. It is suitable to weld nickel, steel, and other materials that a resistive spot welder excels at. Copper can be welded using the “nickel sandwich” technique.

When you receive your Nano2 clamp attachment it is fully assembled. Before use, check that the copper electrodes are aligned properly. They should be aligned so they are centered on each other when the jaws close. You can use a pair of pliers to carefully align them if they have become misaligned due to shipping or wear and tear. When aligning the copper electrodes be sure to hold on to the brass arms with another tool so as to not damage the plastic case.

The clamp attachment uses much less power to weld than other processes since the electrodes are so close together. You may find that you have to turn your Nano spot welder all the way down to its minimum setting. During use, check the clamp attachment between welds. If the brass arms get too hot to touch, stop and let the attachment cool down. Failure to do so may overheat and soften the ABS plastic case, eventually ruining the attachment.

I have had success welding thick ~8-10mm stacks of .15mm nickel sheets with the Nano clamp tip. It makes welding battery tabs a breeze, and is perfect for welding nickel and steel battery tabs, and craft wire for jewelry.

The current revision is V1.0. Attachments are made to order so they may have a several week lead time. If you’re interested in an attachment you can contact me (TinkerGear) on Battery Market to place an order.