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We offer support in compliant and responsible disposal of batteries, a comprehensive database to complement your listing information, transparent pricing, and better overall visibility for the entire market. By focusing on rewarding high quality sellers, and supporting responsible transactions, we are creating the go-to spot for second-life battery acquisition or disposal.

We work with Call2Recycle, the largest battery shipper in North America, to help bring you the most up to date and relevant information, and to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

We have partnered with CompliantShip to help provide shipping safety and compliance information for those shipping their own cells. As a member of Battery Market, you get a bonus 15 minute session with a CompliantShip consultant for free, as well as 15% off on future services.

Electric vehicles and other so called ‘’clean’’ technologies won’t ensure a clean and sustainable environment in the future. It has been known for decades that the transition to electric vehicles would help the environment on some dimensions such as reducing greenhouse gas (GES) emissions as drivers make the switch from internal combustion engines (ICE), but the fact remains that producing the vehicles themselves is exceedingly energy intensive and what is seldom mentioned is; what happens to the battery materials at the end of their life.

End of life battery recycling is a huge problem that has yet to be fully solved at scale. Waste batteries are classified as dangerous goods, as the solvents and metals they contain can wreak havoc on the environment if not dealt with appropriately. Not many solutions exist to manage the end of life batteries and certainly not in the volumes that will be required when EVs eventually replace ICE vehicles.

There is hope however as some companies are working on solving the massive logistics challenges of this growing market. One such company is Bluewater Batteries, an American company that is working towards a zero waste future. 

Bluewater Battery Logistics (Bluewater), like us, were formed to address the inefficiencies in the Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing, Recycling and Reuse marketplace. Bluewater is paving the way towards a zero-waste future by forging a new channel for end-of-life Lithium-ion batteries. Bluewater’s turnkey recycling and logistics services help facilitate a closed-loop system. 

Through their network of partners, they can provide material pickup, dismantling, decommissioning, packaging, project management and safe legal transportation of lithium-ion batteries to their select group of industry leading recycling partners.

Bluewater partners with the top tier recycling and reuse facilities who use a hydrometallurgical technology to most effectively reclaim high yields of valuable material in the most environmentally friendly process possible. 

Bluewater is paving the way and we believe that more companies will spring up in the next decade to solve the new challenges brought forth as the world transitions towards sustainable transportation. This is why, if you have large amounts of batteries you need handled in bulk shipment (in the 10s of thousands of lbs), we recommend that you reach out to Bluewater.